Effective Resolution Of Landlord-Tenant Issues

Landlords and tenants of real property often have questions or disagreements about their legal rights. These can quickly escalate to landlord-tenant disputes and even litigation. Plus, with California municipalities enacting their own specific residential rent and eviction control ordinances, understanding the law and your rights in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Richmond. The municipal laws, as well as the state and federal laws that regulate commercial real estate, are also continually updated and amended, which can make it difficult to understand, analyze, interpret and interact with them.

When disputes arise between residential or commercial landlords and tenants, Beckman Blair LLP can help. Our two real estate attorneys have nearly 50 years of combined legal experience and extensive knowledge of federal, state and municipal rent and eviction laws.

Representation For Commercial And Residential Matters

In addition to helping owners and tenants to proactively avoid disputes, we also offer representation for the following:

  • Commercial leases — We can prepare a leasing or rental agreement or review an existing agreement to make sure your rights are being protected.
  • Residential rental agreements — We provide reliable, knowledgeable advice to landlords and property managers and resolve disputes related to habitable premises, discrimination in housing and other matters.
  • Rent increases and evictions — We can help clients to understand and abide by current laws related to the amount, frequency and timing of rent increases as well as evictions. We also can handle cases pertaining to wrongful evictions, rent disputes, petitions for relief to administrative agencies, TIC conversions and tenancy buy-outs.

Our lawyers are known for our successful representation of clients for landlord-tenant issues. We navigate clients through disputes as efficiently and effectively as possible through mediation, arbitration hearings or, if necessary, litigation.

Contact Us For Quality Representation

To discuss your landlord-tenant issue and how we can help, call us at 415-766-0647. Or if you prefer, send an online message using the contact form on this website. Initial 15-20 minute evaluations are free.

For more information about eviction and rent control in specific cities, please call Richard Beckman for a personal evaluation:

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Oakland eviction and rent control law
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