Knowledgeable Real Estate Advice And Effective Litigation

Legal issues related to real estate, such as purchase contract litigation and co owner disputes, can be as numerous as the uses for real property itself. Disputes can arise between owners, users, builders, buyers and sellers surrounding any number of everyday real estate matters. Add government agency involvement in regulating land use and other organizations advocating for one of the parties, and it is surprising more real estate contract or transaction matters don't end up in court. When issues arise, it is vital to have strong legal representation to protect your interests.

At Beckman Blair LLP, we offer effective, affordable representation for commercial and residential property matters at the state, federal and appellate court levels. Our San Francisco firm also represents clients for administrative and regulatory agency hearings in California. Our attorneys understand the complications that can arise through selling, purchasing, owning and occupying real estate. We can help you understand your options so you feel confident enough to make informed decisions in your best interests.

Comprehensive Representation For Real Property Matters

We provide general advice and litigation services for a range of real estate matters, including:

  • Reviews of contracts and other documents (purchase sales agreements, co-ownership agreements, title documents)
  • Foreclosure representation for buyers or lenders
  • Transactional advice in for sale by owner (FSBO) matters
  • Purchase sales agreement disputes (regarding price, condition of property, disclosure of defects, etc.)
  • Title litigation and quiet title actions
  • Landlord-tenant disputes (evictions, rent control, etc.)
  • Disputes between tenants in common (partition actions and other issues)
  • Nuisance activities, easements, encroachments and trespass matters
  • Government claims against owners or occupiers of property
  • Defects and fraudulent sales

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Through extensive knowledge of real estate laws, an understanding of the rules of litigation and an ability to examine a case from both sides, our lawyers are prepared to assist with all aspects of your legal issue. Call 415-766-0647 or send an online message using the contact form on this website to schedule a free 15-20 minute initial evaluation.